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8th Grade Trips

Choose Your Own Adventure


Get the most out of your trip to Israel. Connect with AMHSI-JNF and we will provide an educator and entrance fees for the day to make history come alive before your student’s eyes! We have worked with Jewish schools in the United States and around the world, to customize the trip for each educational institution. Whether it’s a half or a whole day trip, we have the tools and experience to meet your needs. And we have a long roster of top-notch educators ready to dive in and inspire your students. Select a more heavily travel-based option, a campus-based day, or work with us to find the right balance of both!


Your students meet high school students from all over the globe who are studying and living on our Hod Hasharon campus. Discover opportunities that AMHSI-JNF offers. Your students meet our amazing staff and enjoy a tour of campus. Time-permitting, your group may join our students for a meal and spend the night in our college-style dormitories.

Atlit Beach and Detention Camp
Students become part of the story of Israel by taking part in a simulation of illegal immigrants. Striving to evade the British and reach the shores of Eretz Israel at the Atlit beach, this is experiential learning at its best. From there the students will visit the Atlit Detention Camp, and understand what happened when the British caught these immigrants. They watch a movie about the escape from Atlit and learn about the heroic role that Yitzhak Rabin played, along with the value of Kol Israel Arevim Zeh LeZeh (all of the Jewish People are responsible for each other), demonstrated by the residents of the North who came out to prevent the British from recapturing the escapees. Additional options at Atilt include the riveting Aliya storied on an Aliya Bet boat and C-46 plane that was used also used for clandestine immigration.

Hashomer Hachadash
Students spend a day volunteering and working the land. They learn the story of HaShomer Hachadash, an organization that physically connects young people in Israel to the land by working on ranches, farms and frontier watch posts. Together they help farm and learn about agricultural advancements, farming restoration process, and how all of that connects to Judaism and Zionism.

JNF Forest
Trees, trees and more trees. This is the place to learn about the important forestation efforts in Israel. Israel is one of only two countries in the whole world that has more trees today than it did 100 years ago. Time-permitting, we can add the Nachal Oren program (below).

Nachal Oren
Take your group on a hike in the Carmel Mountains. Learn the story of Masada on the Carmel where students are asked to take sides in the dilemma, after learning how the Jews here were also threatened during WWII by the Nazis.

Students meet a member of one of the important minority communities in Israel, the Druze. Learn about living among a Jewish majority while practicing one of the officially recognized religions in the country. Students discuss the similarities and differences related to the minority experience of being Jewish in America. Enjoy authentic Druze hospitality with a kosher Druze-styled lunch, while learning more about this important culture and their religion.


If you are interested in planning a trip for your school, please contact Greg Litcofsky at [email protected], or call 800.327.5980. 

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