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Mandatory Quarantine & Social Distancing

After seven days of mandatory quarantine on campus, every student will be required to maintain social distancing rules (six feet apart) except within their own session group.


Students must always wear face masks anywhere outside of their dormitory.

Temperature Checks
Temperature Checks

Students will have their temperature checked by an infra-red thermometer every morning.

Extreme Sanitation

Antibacterial wipes and hand sanitizer will be available throughout campus.

Other Important things To Know

In accordance with the present Ministry of Health guidelines, dorms will be cleaned at least once a day, and there will be additional room cleaning times set twice weekly.


If your child or any other student gets COVID-19: We have a separate wing in our dorm that we will use to isolate any sick students. These facilities are spacious, have en suite bathrooms, and are fitted with a kettle, microwave, and an appropriate entertainment system. Our medical staff and madrichim will look after any isolated students around the clock, providing them with food and drink and observing them carefully under the directives we receive from our pediatrician. Students who are able will also continue their coursework online.

Health Insurance with Program Tuition

Health insurance included in the program tuition provides full coverage for COVID-19, provided the illness is first diagnosed in Israel during the term of coverage. An overview of the coverage is included in our orientation packet.

Coverage is provided by an Israeli company called Harel.

No co-pay is required for doctor medication, prescription medication, lab tests, or hospitalizations.

Coverage is limited to incidents and illnesses occurring in Israel (pre-existing conditions are excluded).

More Questions & Answers

Will the students need to quarantine upon arrival?
Yes. Anyone entering Israel, whether they are citizens or visitors, needs to be quarantined for a full seven days.


Will my teen be able to arrive in Israel earlier than the group?
All students need to arrive in Israel within a 24-hour period according to the start date of their session. Immediately after collection of baggage and passport control, students will meet a representative of AMHSI in the arrivals hall and they will travel to the campus together with their escort.


How will students be quarantined?
All students will be met by a madrich at the airport. They will transfer directly to campus by bus and be taken immediately to their dorms. All students will be roomed in capsules according to the Ministry of Health guidelines. Capsules will not be permitted to mix for the full seven days of quarantine. The dormitories that we will use for the quarantine period are very well set up for the first seven days of quarantine and in general, for a semester session. Where possible, we will set up large transparent plastic sheets and barriers to allow capsules to visually interact without actually integrating groups.

Campus Life After Quarantine

After the mandatory seven days of quarantine, students will then move into their permanent rooms for the semester with four to six other students. According to the Ministry of Health and experts in the field, our group on campus can be considered an ‘epidemiological’ or nuclear family after the seven days of quarantine. This means that students and their madrichim will be able to live together, share meals together, learn together, hike together, and enjoy every aspect of the program together.

Additional Information

More information on our COVID-19 safety protocols can be found here: