Ph.D.'s, Professors, and World Experts Lend Their Time to Educate Our Students

On a typical day at Alexander Muss High School in Israel (AMHSI), it’s not uncommon to cross paths with the Program Associate of “Facing History and Ourselves” or the editor-in-chief of Isradon Publications and author of 22 books in mathematics and science.

Meet Hepzibah Alon and Michael Shterenshis, two fine examples of the caliber of General Studies teachers at AMHSI. For students in a Mini-Mester session, our educators work closely with your home schools to develop a syllabus that replicates the curriculum being taught during your time abroad. For students coming for a full semester, they teach a full syllabus that follows the AMHSI curriculum. Either way, you'll find yourself in excellent hands, making sure you don’t miss a beat upon returning home.

Our General Studies professors are the cream of the crop, and they can dedicate time with us while pursuing their passions and additional career advancements. A true win-win for everyone!


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