Oasis on the Outskirts of Tel Aviv

The Alexander Muss High School in Israel (AMHSI) campus is located in the city of Hod HaSharon (“Splendor of the Sharon"), 20 minutes from Tel Aviv, in the Sharon Coastal Plain of Israel. The campus is part of The Mosenson Youth Village, which is home to different programs that house students from all over the world during the academic year. The Mosenson High School houses approximately 600 local teens and 250 boarders from Israel and abroad. 

In addition to dorms, a music room, athletic facilities, and a recording studio, the campus houses a spacious library, kosher dining room, health clinic, basketball court, gym, running track, and an independent snack bar with food available for purchase. There is also access to a community swimming pool near campus.

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Dorm Rooms

Our campus is home to four co-ed dormitories that house up to 240 students. Dorm rooms typically will have between three to eight students assigned to a room, bathrooms and showers are on each floor and are communal.


Hadar Ochel (Dining Hall)

Our campus has a kosher dining room and an independent snack bar with non-kosher food available for purchase. Students are also welcome to visit the nearby town of Hod HaSharon to buy dinner in the evenings.

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Moadon (Common Room)

The dorms—Friedman, Muss, Rappaport, and Wohl —all have a moadon (common room) for hanging out, with kitchenette facilities, including a microwave and refrigerator.


Music Room

Our music room offers students the opportunity to play musical instruments and relax after classes. Our soundproof room allows for non-disruptive jam sessions, where our musically inclined students can play instruments provided, including the drums, guitar, piano, trombone and more.



We have a campus gym, track and basketball court available to students during open evenings. Pick-up basketball games are especially common. We also have access to a neighboring pool. Contact your local Director of Admissions for more details.


Recording Studio

Our state-of-the art recording studio allows a variety of recording opportunities; most prominently our campus podcast, "Muss Magic." Students also have the opportunity to participate in the podcast and record their own songs in the recording studio.

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