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Our signature Israel Studies Curriculum is an engaging review of 4,000+ years of Jewish and Israeli history, moving in a linear, chronological fashion from pre-biblical times to the modern Israel period.

Study on the go! With AMHSI’s experiential approach to teaching and learning, Israel becomes a living classroom.

Take home extra credit! Many high schools allow the grade earned for our Israel Studies Curriculum to count towards Social Studies, English, Physical Education, and other subjects.

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Israel Studies Curriculum

The Land As The Classroom

Our signature Israel Studies curriculum takes you on a 4000+ year chronological historical journey, from the Middle Bronze Age and through to the modern Middle East. Our Israel Studies teachers utilize the unique historical, geographic and human resources of the land to help students understand the people of Israel and the Jewish Diaspora in the context of Western Civilization.

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Israel Studies Instructors

More Than Just a Teacher

“Family.” “Magical.” “So much more than just a teacher.” That’s how our students describe their Israel Studies instructors - many of whom have been teaching in this program for decades! They will inspire you. They will challenge you. They will teach you our curriculum, and then some! Our students form relationships with their Israel Studies teachers that last for years: Sometimes, for the rest of their lives.

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Experience Tiyulim

Discover Israel Like Never Before

At the core of everything we do is our focus on students experiencing the land of Israel to truly appreciate this magical country, all its history, and its people. This is accomplished through tiyulim (field trips), during which students, teachers, and madrachim explore Israeli sites, hitting typical tourist locations as well as off-the-beaten path locales.

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