AMHSI-JNF has a medical doctor and a nurse on-call at all hours of the day for emergencies and the school is in close proximity to two major hospitals. In addition, the nurse is available on campus to examine students who have any health complaints and to provide appropriate treatment. Nurse hours are Sunday – Thursday from 6:45 AM – 1:30 PM. Doctor hours are Sunday 7:30  – 8:30 PM, Tuesday and Thursday 7:00 - 7:45 AM.  The best way to reach the nurse, if needed, is via email at [email protected]

During daytime hours and on trips, students who need additional medical attention are taken to the local medical center (kupat holim).  At night, students are taken to an urgent healthcare center (bikur rofim).  Students are always accompanied by a staff member.

All health-related issues should be reported to the school in the medical form prior to the student’s arrival. In addition, we encourage students to approach us regarding any health-related or emotional issues that may arise while a student is on the program.

AMHSI-JNF provides medical insurance to all participants. This coverage applies to all participants but does not cover any preexisting conditions.  Lab work, follow-up treatment and prescription medications are all covered by our medical insurance.  For students with preexisting conditions, please check with your healthcare provider for information regarding coverage while your child is in Israel.  Please note that allergies are considered a preexisting condition.

It is also possible to purchase additional insurance to cover hospitalization for those with preexisting conditions through AMHSI-JNF’s insurance agent in Israel. This additional insurance policy is appropriate for students whose preexisting conditions might require a hospital stay.  Please note that this rider does not cover visits to a specialist for the preexisting conditions, nor will the rider cover visits to a hospital emergency room for symptoms related to the preexisting condition.

AMHSI-JNF is not involved in the insurance process; however, if you have questions and/or wish to purchase the insurance rider, please contact:

Amos Gilboa, Representative Agent
Yedidim Assurance Agencies, LTD.
15 Yad Harutzim Street, Tel Aviv, 67778.
Tel:  03-6386216 or 03-6889407
Fax:  03-6874534


We also can provide the necessary enrollment forms.


If a student takes prescription medications, please pack enough to last for the entire trip, as well as bring a written copy of the prescription.  Also, please remember to pack any orthotics, knee braces or other items students may use on a regular basis at home.


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