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Impact Fellowship Blog

Timeless Tiyuls (Trips around the Holy Land)-Adi Leibovici

These past 7 days, we have been on 3 tiyulim, and 2 were overnights. I think I have reached my peak of exhaustion, but it was worth it. Last Thursday, we went around Kfar Kassem and Ein Rafa, learning about the minorities of Israel first hand. We drank coffee and listened to 4 people’s stories who are a part of Israel’s minorities. I loved seeing how the Israelis are neighbors with people of different cultures, coexisting in one state. We visited a mosque and an Arabic shuk. I remember seeing a father and daughter praying together at the mosque, and I found that very wholesome seeing a father passing down their culture. 

The next tiyul was in Tel Aviv, and we stayed there for Shabbat. I loved seeing how this city celebrated Shabbat. Our hostel was across a park and on Saturday morning, I went outside to see big groups of families and friends together eating, playing, laughing, and having a good time. This is how Tel Aviv celebrates Shabbat by being with the people you love and making memories. During our sign-out time, I met up with two family friends that I hadn’t seen since 3 years ago, and I had the best time. One, Smadar, told me that among the big groups were these orthodox kids who gather every Saturday morning to different mitzvot and this one was cleaning the park of trash. I found the entire idea of everyone gathering together for a good time very heart-warming because I know that in America, there isn’t a once-a-week-every-week tradition that everyone shows up to. One of the many things I will miss so much when I get back home is Golda. During my time out to see Tel Aviv, my friends and I went there (I got Chocolate Caramel Pretzel and Oreo flavor).

The most recent trip we went on was at the Golan Heights. We left there on Monday and got back the next day. I loved hiking there because the views were to die for. The last plan of the day was to go to a spot where there are so many birds on their way to migrate and it was gorgeous. We slept at a kibbutz and the next day went to a magnificent waterfall called Jilabun. The water was so cold that if you jump/dive in, you are in danger of drowning in the 180 ft drop. I went in and it was an experience that I’ll never forget. That hike was one of my favorites so far because I saw one of the prettiest views and laughed with so many people. Later on in the day we went to OZ 77 and learned there. I talked with different people that day and made so many memories. 

This past week was so exhausting, but a week of my journey here that I will never forget and in a few days we are going to Ein Gedi for another Shabbat and I can’t wait. I love every single time I spend on these trips and I am excited about the rest. There is only a bit under 1 ½ month left to my journey here and that thought lingers in my mind so that motivates me to cherish every moment and not take anything for granted from now on.