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Impact Fellowship Blog

Exploring Aliyah- Zachary Banin

This trip has really changed my life in many different ways. One of those ways is that it changed my perspective on how being in Israel affects my Jewish education. Three months ago, I would have said that I want to teach my kids about Jewish history, but I would not have even thought of living in Israel.

I have been to Israel before this trip, but I have never learned nearly this much about the history of this country and the Jewish people in general. This trip has made me realize that actually going to the places that you are learning about makes the learning experience so much better. Now that I have realized the importance of seeing the sights that you are learning about, I want to make Aliyah when I am older.

Another way that being in Israel can really benefit my Jewish education is completely understanding Hebrew. Right now when I pray, I am just reading something that I do not understand. If I moved to Israel and became fluent in Hebrew, I would be able to understand the meaning of everything that I am reading in the prayer books which would make praying more meaningful to me. Also, if I do have children that I raise in Israel, they would also be fluent in Hebrew.

I have always loved Israel, but I have never loved it this much before. This has truly been an amazing experience for me and I am so excited that there is still a good amount of time left.

Zachary Banin