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Impact Fellowship Blog
Stephen Muss (Miami)

My goal for the AMHSI program is to learn more about my identity as a Jewish-American...

My goal for the AMHSI program is to learn more about my identity as a Jewish-American and my culture. Some may not recognize the value of knowing your history but knowing it and where you came from truly makes you who you are today.

While both my parents are Israeli, I was born in the U.S. and grew up in Miami. I have been to Israel a couple times but only to visit my family. When I saw the opportunity to go to Israel and travel to learn more about Judaism and be able to witness what it would be like to live in Israel, I was so excited. Every time I came to Israel with my family, I was mainly at people’s houses, I never got the chance to fully see the homeland of the Jewish people and I feel like I would love it. So while I’m here I want to increase my knowledge about Judaism and hopefully be able to see the place where all my people’s history has happened. I want to observe the life style of Israelis. I’m really excited to be here during the holidays. I was told that the holiday’s in Israel are very special and that there are no cars on the streets; I feel like that would be cool to witness. I’m looking forward to going to Jerusalem and the market there, seeing all the different kinds of foods and visiting the western wall would be an amazing experience I want to learn more about the history of the wall and the markets. I am interested in going to the Gadna, and having a taste of what the army is like because I am considering joining when I am older. Finally, hiking the Masada is something I think will help me learn about the history of this country. I can’t wait to visit all these places and learn about all the hardship the Jewish people had to face because I feel they will help me better understand my own culture and identity.