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Impact Fellowship Blog
Washington State

I have not felt this excited in so long!

It’s almost a week until I leave. I have not felt this excited in so long! I’ve been waiting all summer to have this experience; and here I am finally packing and getting all my stuff together. After an unusual end of school year I am so ready to be back as a student again.

I look forward to being in a social environment. I see myself on hikes, talking for hours about whatever comes to mind. I can see myself on top of Masada learning from my teacher. I see myself eating yummy falafel with new friends; in fact, I can almost taste it! Another thing on my mind is my Jewish identity. I am a proud Jew. Up to this point in my life I feel I have had many defining moments that have made my Jewish identity so strong.

I believe the next step is living in Israel. Living in the Promised Land will deepen my Jewish identity. I can’t stop thinking about how lucky I am that I'm about to embark on this journey. I feel proud that I get to represent the AMHSI as an impact fellow. AMHSI is an amazing program and I figured if I am going to be on this journey I want to share it.

I want to make sure that my friends and family know how amazing this program is so they can choose to go on themselves. I’m slightly nervous to do something so out of my comfort zone; something so new to me. I have never lived without my parents before. But those nerves are faded by my excitement. I know sometimes it may be difficult but I’m ready to test myself, push my boundaries, and most importantly have the best experience of my life!