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Impact Fellowship Blog

"How to - A Student's guide to Life in Israel" - by Jacob Brownstein

In my opinion, time management is the single most important skill one can and should develop on this trip. Each day on campus I face a similar “dilemma”: do I stay in and get work done or experience all that the amazing town of Hod HaSharon has to offer? Personally, I have free time during the school day and that offers me time to finish my work before free time comes. For core class we do not get a lot of homework, but when we do get work it is very meaningful important assignments. As for my general studies teachers, they do a great job of maximizing my work in class resulting in minimal homework outside of class. Still I have work that needs to get done on the day to day. Most days I choose to go out on an experience. However when I come back it is all business; I get down to work. I use some of my free time for sleep as well, if I do not have work to do then I’d like to get rest because our schedule is extremely rigorous and sometimes I find myself very very tired. The four and a half hours of Israel Studies is draining and then we top it off with classes in the afternoon. Another important skill that goes hand in hand with time management is the ability to keep up with deadlines. In order to go out on open weekends we must fill out forms by a given date, sometimes this will take an extended amount of paperwork and takes load management. Similarly, test dates for Israel Studies are announced a week in advance and preparation is essential for these tests as they cover so much material.
Time management helps increase the level of enjoyment experienced on this trip immensely.