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Living in my own personal classroom is what makes this program so special

Living in my own personal classroom is what makes this program so special.
My favorite class was when we learned about the struggles the Zealots went through as they were running away from the Romans trying to make it to Masada, and then the next day actually hiking the same mountain to see where they were striving to reach.
The hands on learning at muss is the most hands in learning you can ever receive, and knowing it relates back to you’re own heritage and ancestors is such a crazy thought. Four hours of Israel studies every morning seems like a lot, but when it’s intertwined with collaborative activities, hikes, feasts and teachers who make telling history seem like you are watching a movie, you wouldn’t even remember how long you had been in class.
At home, I constantly find myself falling asleep in class or zoning out due to boredom, but while on Muss, I’m so glad I can say i haven’t found myself bored once. The tiyuls we go on are incredibly eye opening, and knowing that I will never experience trips like these again makes them 10 times more special.

Living in my own personal classroom on Muss is truly the most amazing experience and I wouldn’t trade anything for it.