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Stephen Muss (Miami)

I’ve really been reminiscing my four months on this program

As my days at Muss are coming to an end, I’ve really been reminiscing my four months on this program. I’ve also been reflecting on my goals I’ve set myself from the start of the trip. One of my goals was to challenge myself. I definitely completed this goal. I put myself out there, made new friends, pushed myself to be better in school, and did all the tiyulim I could. I survived Yam l’ Yam and Masada. I got to explore all the way up North in the Golan and even saw Syria and Lebanon! I also got to experience army training at Gadna and pushed myself to do exercises I didn’t even think I could do. 

My second goal was to connect more with my Jewish identity more. I can say with full confidence that this trip has given me this opportunity. I got to expand my knowledge and form my opinions. I started to feel myself real life challenges to the Tanakh. I also started saying more Brachot like right before I eat. While I still have a lot to learn, this program has given me all the resources to keep learning about Judaism, to study more topics and to always be willing to learn. I’m gonna be sad to leave Michael’s class because his class was one of the only classes I’ve actually been interested in and he is such an amazing teacher.

Lastly, my final goal was to learn Hebrew. Again, another thing I still have to practice and force my parents to speak to me only in Hebrew lol. I am proud because while I’m not fluent YET I’m much better at holding a conversation and understanding Hebrew then I did before this program. I can’t wait to speak about my experience here and to keep following my goals because there is always still room to grow.