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Stephen Muss (Miami)

School in Israel isn’t like normal school.

Being in Israel for about 3 ½ months in a study abroad program has changed my views on school in general. School in Israel isn’t like normal school. To start off, your classes are spread out in the day so you have a lot of breaks. Sometimes it doesn’t even feel lie a school day. We also have tiyuls. Tiyuls are field trips that we go on and each tiyul is following what we’re learning. We go to areas where history happened and learn. Being abroad takes big responsibility. You aren’t living with you’re parents to tell you what to do and what not to do so you have to learn how to make decisions for yourself.

It’s a  good feeling to make your own decisions and not have your parents on your back 24/7. There are madrichim which are counselors, who tell you what to do and help you with things. It such a great experience studying abroad because you get to get a taste of college. You’re living on your own, in a dorm with people. It’s such a great bonding experience because you meet your best friends. The people you meet studying abroad is your family. They become your family for life. Another great thing about studying abroad is the freedom. There’s not so much of it but there’s enough to enjoy. You get to sign out pretty much everyday and go out to town. There’s a lot of things in town and it’s fun to go with friends. When studying abroad, you learn so much in school and out. While In Israel, I have learned so much about the culture and traditions. You get to experience such different things like the way people are and how they live. Everyone should study abroad because it’s an experience of a life time. Each day I have been here, I have grown as an individual.