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Las Vegas

Israel has been my outdoor and living classroom.

Israel has been my outdoor and living classroom. On June 20 I went to Tel Gezer. One of the things I saw there was Abraham’s gate. On this tiyul we walked around and saw some history of the Babylonians and heard the story of why Judaism was created. The gate that we were at people could exit and enter the city. The children did homework in the spot that we were sitting at. In this tiyul I learned about how horrible polytheism is and why Abraham wanted to start a different religion that was monotheistic. I liked the hiking and seeing the things that I’m learning about. On June 24 and 25 we all went on a tiyul to Jerusalem. We saw the western wall. I learned about the judges, kings, and prophets. The judges were Ehud, Sisera, Gidon, Shimshoe, and Shmul. There are six laws to be a Jewish king. There are five Jewish farming laws. David chose Jerusalem as his capital for five different reasons. My favorite part of this tiyul was walking through the cave that had the water in it. This was really fun and unique. I never even knew that this existed before. On a different day we went to the southern wall in Jerusalem. We walked up some of the steps. They weren’t in a pattern. This is because we need to pay attention to everything there. This place is very special so we can’t ignore a single thing there. This used to be the Beit Knesset. We woke up at like three in the morning and hiked to the top of Masada. My favorite part was the end of walking around the top of Masada. We got to yell something and we heard the voice back. It can be interpreted as that or there is another interpretation of it. When the Jews were trapped on top of Masada they gave up and killed themselves. Their bodies are believed to be thrown over the edge. The voice back is the Jewish people living on. The message that we learned was Israel is like Masada. We should not give up and keep fighting. This should not happen again.