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June 25th, 2019, we started our day off in Sataf.

June 25th, 2019, we started our day off in Sataf.  Sataf is a modeled town during the times of Shaul and David.  Located on the mountains of Jerusalem. This trip helped us focus on the day-to-day life during ancient times.  We learned about the several agricultural laws as well as the water system this terrace style village used. We learned the story of Ruth.  From this, I learned about the integration of Jewish vaules in the Nevi’im as a way of life. This challenged a big way of my thinking in that it made me think about the Tanach, as not only a religious text or a historical account, but also a book of values.  Through ancient “normal” people like Ruth, heroes were born. My favorite part of this tiyul was definitely the cave we climbed through. In the cave I really enjoyed the small moment of silence and darkness we shared. I also really liked singing in the cave with our class.