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Las Vegas

I am so excited to embark on this once in a lifetime opportunity.

I am so excited to embark on this once in a lifetime opportunity. I am filled with thrill and anticipation as the day comes closer and closer and closer. Of course, thousands of questions are also swimming through my mind, such as “Will I enjoy myself?” “Will I learn something new about myself?” “Will I learn something new about Israel?” “Will I be happy about the decision I made on how to spend my summer?” However, for the most part I would say that the excitement has over ran the nervousness I expected to feel. Questions such as “How many days are left until I finally get to board our flight to Israel?” and “What do I need to pack for this extraordinary journey?” and “What people will I meet” and “How will this experience effect and impact me and who I am for the rest of my life” also sweep through my head constantly. I am so excited and anxious to see the difference in myself from when I check my bags into the airport on my way to Israel to when I pick them back up when I return home. I expected myself to be much more nervous and anxious then I currently am. However, instead I am filled with a different feeling. I am over come by anticipation from all that this wonderful opportunity will gift me. Both while I’m on the trip as well as when I return home, I am beyond excited to see what affect and impact the numerous once in a lifetime experiences make on me for the rest of my life. I am most excited for the relationships I will make and strengthen while on this trip. I am excited to meet new friends from all around the United States and beyond. I am even more excited to spend six weeks in my home land and my favorite place in the entire world. I am consumed with so many different and diverse emotions just a week before I finally get to experience this journey, that it is impossible to truly describe what I am feeling with any word other than excitement.