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We see that although it’s his greatest strength, it is also his biggest weakness.

Today on our tiyul we went on a major hike down mount Gilboa and afterward swam. We learned about Joshua and how he was the only one who had faith in God and himself when none of the other spies did. We also learned about the different stories of Judges such as Ehud, Barak and Devorah, and Gideon. As exemplified through these stories we see that you should take advantage of your weaknesses, have faith in yourself and god, and I lead by example. The final story we learned was the story of Saul. We see that Saul has many great attributes such as fierceness and ability to unify others. However above all his humility. We see that although it’s his greatest strength, it is also his biggest weakness. Since he allows himself to become timid and a pushover. Went we discussed this it really resonated with me since at times I tend to do the same thing. By reading this text I am able to learn from Saul and see how I should stand up for myself and my beliefs. Although it was a rigorous tiyul I thoroughly enjoyed it. I loved learning about a story that took place thousands of years ago and then moments later be able to see and experience where they were. The whole time it felt surreal, knowing that I am experiencing and reliving Jewish history. I also had the pleasure of speaking to my core teacher Gavriel! When I spoke with him it felt as if I was speaking to an old friend of mine. You can tell by the way he speaks how passionate he is about Judaism and he truly cares about his students. I chose this picture with my friend because I took it halfway through the hike. As I reflect back on this tiyul I see how much my mindset had changed from the beginning of the hike. It’s unfathomable to think that I am reliving Jewish history. Overall on the tiyul, I enjoyed learning about something and being able to see it moments later.