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Megiddo was very beautiful and lush.

Dear Reuven,

Today is February 11th and it was our 4th tiyul. Megiddo was taken at the time period of the Israelites, the Kings Period. Megiddo was very beautiful and lush. When we were learning in this beautiful view I couldn’t look away from the view because it was so amazing and stunning. This picture inspired me and is very meaningful to me because not everyone has the chance to learn about something and be there in the actual moment. I enjoyed every moment I could and this tiyul really opened my eyes because I learned about things that I never heard about in my life. I am so thankful to have this experience where I could learn about the things that I’m looking at. I’m looking forward to many more adventures and bonds that i’m building with not only my friends but my madrichim and my teachers. - Amanda