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Photo Journalism Blog

In the old city our story was brought to life.

Aviva S

I loved this tiyul. In the old city our story was brought to life, and I felt deep pride in my
ancestors. I had this voice in my head “you can’t kill us!” I adored the meditation up in the desert. I felt to deeply connected to myself and the earth, and I felt clarity about God. At the hostel, the moon was full, and this clarity I felt, about connection, continued. The more time we spend outside, the more I fall in love with Israel, the more I learn about myself. There’s a type of knowledge I feel like I gain when I can see something without barriers. I touched the actual Earth in the desert, not dirt or pavement. I saw the full moon, no shadow or clouds; then, on Masada, I saw the sunrise. The everlasting reminder that light returns. It was awesome. - Aviva