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Photo Journalism Blog

Yad Vashem


Last week we went to Yad Vashem to learn about the Holocaust. I had been to Yad Vashem once before when I visited Israel with my eighth grade class but this experience was very different. In eighth grade I hadn’t learned nearly as much as we learned this week so I didn’t understand as much while walking through the museum. This time I was also more interested because I had learned more about it and I enjoyed the visit more. I chose this picture because it shows the architectural structure of the museum which I found very interesting. I thought it was cool that it was a narrow tunnel and at the end there was light which symbolizes hope at the end of the war. I also liked how it was set up inside how it wasn’t easy to go through the exhibits quickly and it took time. Everyone was taking the same path and it was crowded to symbolize what it was like during the Holocaust how there was one path and everywhere you go it crowded. Overall, I thought that Yad Vashem was a very interesting visit and I enjoyed learning that day in the museum. - Tavi