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Music in Jerusalem


This tiyul, I went to Jerusalem, again. On what is arguably the most tourist-ey tiyul yet, I explored the tel Eked, the inside of several museums, and the Jewish quarters of Jerusalem. The museums were pretty interesting, I saw the ruins of some bath houses and mosaics which I found interesting because it was kept in such a good shape, so I could really picture myself as a Hellenistic Jew living in those times. I found the fact that the Jewish people were so diverse In their beliefs( the zealots, Pharisees, and Essenes)very interesting as well because it made me wonder about how the religious beliefs became so diverse. The Tel Eked was very interesting, we learned about the Hasmoneans and the re- conquering of Israel under complete Jewish rule. We learned about the liveliness of the Jewish people during this time. Which leads me to my picture. We went to Jerusalem in the heights of Sukkot. It. Was. Amazing. People were laughing, dancing, playing, praying everywhere I looked. This one band in particular CSU’s got my eye- or rather ear- because when they played, I felt joyous, people gathered around and clapped to the rhythm; it was magical. Standing there, surrounded by my peers, fellow Jews, and others, I felt the liveliness of the the Jewish people. - Hagar