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Impact Fellowship Blog
Washington State

The sunset this night gave me the realization of my love for Israel.

Maital Perlin
I think the Golan has the most beautiful sunsets I've ever seen. Over our latest tiyul, I really connected with the land. Spending all day in the fields, then coming back to a beautiful Bedouin campsite, fulfilled the experience. The most incredible part of the whole trip was the second evening. After our Israel studies class, my teacher Danny brought our class out to a viewpoint right by the valley. We could see everything! In one direction was Har Hermon and Syria, and the other way was the Kinneret. I was in complete awe. Even though the views were incredible, I believe the sky was the most enchanting.

The golden sun spreading across a vast sky with clouds like waves was an insane sight to see. The beauty was so incredible I sat down and watched until it was completely dark. While I was looking out at the glowing sun and shimmering clouds, I couldn't help but let out tears. I had spent all day working hard on land that I would never receive the bearing food. But I didn't care one bit. It felt right. I don't speak Hebrew, I haven't lived here, but this is my home, and I love this place. The sunset this night gave me the realization of my love for Israel. I'd never felt so special before.