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Impact Fellowship Blog
Stephen Muss (Miami)

So, I'm hoping for a marvelous adventure.

If I could explain exactly what I'm thinking I would write it down right now for you, but I can't. My mind is still trying to comprehend that I am studying abroad for 4 months in a pandemic. Obviously, I am so excited that I get to live in a whole other country with possible lifelong friends, on a campus, and in dorms! It's just all so crazy and new to me. In this time of Covid-19, everyone is just trying to get by and stay sane. We all didn’t know if the AMHSI program was a go and just kind of wondered where the virus would lead us too. Then a couple weeks ago they confirmed the program and we got a flight. Now I have less than a week before I head on this journey. I know it'll be different then we all expected, with new precautions, some cancelled trips, and isolation, but I think all those unique factors will just make it even more special.

We are going through this crazy thing, but we can go through it together. I hope this experience is a great adventure and I hope that I learn to appreciate all the little things at Muss and enjoy this amazing opportunity I’ve gotten. I chose to apply for this fellowship for 2 reasons. The first being that the only way I'd be able to afford going to the fall semester at muss was going as an impact fellow, the second one being that going to Israel for school and writing about it regularly would be such a learning experience. There are somethings that are once in a lifetime, this is one of those things. I'm so lucky that this year I could work it out with my classes and school and now this crazy virus.

Honestly, I'm nervous to embark on this journey just as this over-thinker girl who can imagine all the little things that can go wrong. Although I am trying so hard to just not have any worries or bad expectations. I think this can be life changing if I go with my head up high and step with my right foot first. My nervousness is also a part of this gigantic excitement and happiness to do what I'm doing. So, I'm hoping for a marvelous adventure.