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Impact Fellowship Blog

The goals I have set for myself while on this trip mean a lot to me

As I begin my two months at AMHSI, I set several goals for myself. During my time in Israel, I hope to build bonds with friends, teachers, and madrichims that will hopefully last a very long time. This is important to me because getting an opportunity to experience a trip like this does not occur often, but when it does, I believe the friendships you can gain from it are more special that others.

A big goal of mine is to break out of my comfort zone and try new things. I hope to take part in activities, and try new foods that I may not have before. This is important because by engaging in new things, it will encourage me to do this in the future, while making memories in the process.
In the midst of all the fun adventures, my goal is to maintain my school work and be on top of what my teachers at home expect of me. One of my main goals is to take in everything I learn in my Israel studies class. This class dynamic is unlike every other class because we start the class by learning about the history of our heritage, and end the day in the physical spot where the event took place. By engaging in this class and applying myself, I can learn so much about where I come from and why it is important.

The goals I have set for myself while on this trip mean a lot to me and I am excited to accomplish them with all of my friends while on AMHSI!