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Impact Fellowship Blog

I know the best is still yet to come

Today is officially the 11th day at Alexander Muss High School in Israel, and it has truly been amazing.

So far, I have made extremely close friends, and have settled into a regular routine. We have been on two tiyulim and have taken our first unit test.
Everything that I have experienced has exceeded my original expectations. Over the course of the first few days that we have spent in Israel, I have already accomplished my own personal goals and look forward to working on some more.
On this trip, I hope to continue expanding my social skills, strengthening my independence, and creating memories that will last a lifetime. Life on campus is so much fun but requires responsibility. I have to make sure I get to class on time and create effective study habits. So far, this experience has allowed me to find the right balance between spending time with my friends in town, and still having plenty of time for schoolwork. Socially, I have learned the importance of cooperation when living with other people. Being in a dorm with 40 kids and sleeping in a room with 3 other students has been a great way for me to improve on this skill. In the future, I plan on going to college and living in a dorm.

Currently living in a dorm 6,000 miles away from home is allowing me to become more mature and self-sufficient. All of these skills that I’m learning and improving on, will make such a difference in my future. They will help me throughout making friendships, job interviews, and my transition into adulthood.
This program is a life changing experience that will create unforgettable memories, as well as prepare me for the future. I am having a great time at Muss, and I cannot wait for the remaining 7 weeks. I know the best is still yet to come!