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Rachel and Chalutzim

Today we went to the Kinneret and went to the first Kibbutz and to the grave of Rachel, a famous poet from the Chalutzim. This tiyul was very inspiring because I was able to learn about the first people that came to Israel with a vision, and now we are in Israel to show that their work was not for nothing. A moment on this Tiyul that was very meaningful was describing the land around the Kinneret then reading what it used to look like.

The reason why it is so built up with towns and farms and trees is because of the Chalutzim. Without them, Israel would not be the way it is now. On this Tiyul we learned about how the Kibbutzim dealt with the first problems that they came across such as learning about what to do with a Child, who gets to name the child and take care of the child? Seeing the grave of the first child born on the Kibbutz on the Kinneret made the stories we listen to seem so real. The issues that the Chalutzim faced were challenging issues, and I can’t imagine what it was like to have to make such important decisions, knowing that when Israel becomes a state, these decisions become the precedence for the country.

Rachel was a poet who came to Israel during one of the first Aliyahs and she got TB and her Kibbutz kicked her out because she couldn’t pull her weight. Thinking about this is so interesting because today, I’m sure that if people are sick the rest of the community will help rather than expel them from their community and leave them all alone. - Kaylee