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Stephen Muss (Miami)

So far, during my time here, there have been many lessons I’ve learned.

Israel is such a beautiful and amazing country. So far, during my time here, there have been many lessons I’ve learned. I recommend to everyone who comes to Israel to always bring friends with you! Sometimes being in a different country you can get confused. Another thing is to learn how to zuze people. Israelis don’t believe in lines and will cut you to get their falafel. You gotta learn how to push your way through and don’t let anyone skip you! Another thing I recommend is to walk as much as you can. Israel is such a beautiful country and exploring it can be very uplifting and life changing.

Adapting to life in a new country is kind of tough. I recommend always to be aware of your surroundings and to always have a map or phone on you. Another recommendation is to bargain at the shuk (and don’t waste all your time there because there’s so much to see). Also, I would definitely try to come and stay in Jerusalem for the high holidays. You will never get an experience like this anywhere else. It’s so life changing and you’re surrounded by a bunch of other Jewish people and it makes you feel apart of something. It’s so special. Also, I would recommend to not even be on the phone that much because exploring Israel is such an amazing opportunity and you just want to experience it in the moment. 

Lastly, life lessons I’ve learned. Try to get out of your comfort zone! Try a different synagogue! Go to different restaurants you wouldn’t normally eat at. And for sure go on the trips! You don’t want to regret not pushing yourself to do Yam l’ yam or not climbing Masada just because it’s hard in the moment! You can do it!