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In the morning we woke up early and went to Sataf.


In the morning we woke up early and went to Sataf. Sataf was a city that was already at a disadvantage agriculturally. It was a city that was built on a rocky mountain with no soil and very little irrigation. Of course the Israelites found a way to solve the problem. First they wanted to build terraces in the mountain and put soil for crops. Everyone worked together and worked on one terrace at a time to do it faster. This showed that they weren’t selfish and because of that they were more efficient. They also built pools of water to store all of the water for times when they need. They also shared all of the water and had it water the crops for them. My favorite part was when we went into one of the caves in the complete dark and sang Hine Matov together as a core class. After Sataf we went to the tayelet where I saw Saba for a few minutes and we learned more about the geography of Jerusalem. We then went to Ir David and learned about the ups and downs of his reign as king. We then went through Hezekiah's tunnel which we did most of it in the complete darkness. Me, Justin, and Elijah F sang songs in the dark and had an amazing time. Then we went to the Kotel as a big group. We sang, prayed, and took amazing pictures. It was amazing to be at the Kotel with all of my friends from school because I’ve never done it before. After that we all went to Ben Yehuda Street to have dinner. I met Saba and Savta at Burger Bar and got to spend a lot of time with them. Overall amazing day. - David