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I can’t wait to start my road to becoming a better leader and achieving my goals each and every day!

My journey in Israel has just barely begun, however, my connection to the people here and this place is stronger than ever. We are only a little over a week into the program, and after taking our first test in Core (Jewish History), I have so many goals for myself. First off, now after experiencing and really delving into Jewish history, a goal for myself is to keep up my interest in where we come from and pay it forward to others. I am learning new values which I hope to continue to learn and hearing so many stories that I didn’t know. Hearing about our story really interests me and at the end of this program I hope to have a deep understanding of what it really means to be Jewish.

Next, academically, I hope to really take advantage of general studies here at Muss. At  Alexander Muss my class sizes are incredibly small, almost like a tutor session. My spanish class is only me and the teacher, and I really hope that because of that my skill will increase. I know that good grades won’t just be handed to me, and I hope to work hard in order to achieve all A’s. The classes here are going to allow me to learn in a smaller class environment and really experience something different because at home my class size is anywhere from 20-30 kids. At the end of this program I hope to have received all A’s and expanded my knowledge in my general studies courses.

In addition, at the end of this program I want to have built my character and leadership skills. One way I can achieve this is doing things outside of my comfort zone. By trying new foods, meeting new people, and exploring new places my character will grow as I will have a more diverse skill set which will in turn make me a better leader. Also, I hope to take advantage of all the leadership opportunities Muss provides. I want to give tours of campus and promote the program because I think I will emerge as a leader that way. Becoming a leader in everything I do is important to me, and at Muss I will try and become one in all different ways.

Finally, Getting more involved with my Judaism back home is another goal I have for myself at the end of this program. I will invest myself in the Jewish studies curriculum here on campus and try to promote it back home. I will also try and continue the Jewish values and ideals I learned here at Muss, such as celebrating Shabbat or observing Jewish holidays. That was something that did not have extreme importance to me at the beginning of the program, but after being here and immersing myself in Jewish culture in a place where we are not a minority, I hope to bring the Jewish ideals and values I will learn back home.

I can’t wait to start my road to becoming a better leader and achieving my goals each and every day!