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Celebrating Shabbat in Jerusalem

    Posted by AMHSI Student on 07.10.19

Abby Limor
This weekend, our dorm celebrated Shabbat in Jerusalem. This truly was like a Jewish awakening for me and an experience I will remember for the rest of my life. Starting with going to the Shuk during the Friday Rush and getting a taste of Jerusalem and all the yummy food, to interacting with all the other people of different backgrounds who were rushing to get everything they needed to prepare their Shabbos meals. Then we went to the Wall. The first time I went to the wall, I felt nothing, but when we went this time, I struggled to hold back the tears. Being surrounded by many different people all praying in different ways and then joining with them was truly a magical experience. As I joined in the best Shabbat Service I have ever participated in, with a mix of girls from HSI and Birth Right at the wall, I truly understood the impact being Jewish has had on my life and the amazing community I am apart of. Being surrounded by the Shabbat culture; walking everywhere, unplugging, not seeing modes of transportation was such a cool experience. Hanging out at the park on Saturday after sleeping in was so fun. Besides from the wall, my second favorite part, was definitely the Graffiti tour. It was so crazy going to a place that was jammed packed less than 24 hours before and seeing the streets almost completely empty. Havdalah in the park was also so fun. I loved running in the fountain fully clothed and just living in the moment. Celebrating Havdalah soaked in water, allowed me to truly feel the flame of the week and the heat that it radiated. I couldn’t have asked for a better Shabbat. - Abby