At Alexander Muss High School in Israel (AMHSI), we give high school students the chance to experience Israel like never before! Part of that experience is living on campus with AMHSI. With 2 beautiful campuses, located in central and southern Israel, students can experience what is it like to live an authentic Israeli lifestyle, while also building their independent skills and living amongst their peers as they discover the Muss Magic!

Hod HaSharon

Oasis on the Outskirts of Tel Aviv

Home for AMHSI students since 1983, our Hod HaSharon (“Splendor of the Sharon") Campus is located 20 minutes from sunny Tel Aviv, in the Sharon Coastal Plain of Israel. The campus is part of the Mosenson Youth Village, home to programs and students from all over the world, during the academic year, with approximately 600 local teens and 250 international boarding students.

The proximity of the campus to the bustling Hod HaSharon community allows for an immersive Israel experience through informal encounters with Israelis, exposing students to the local culture, language, and environment, as well as providing them with a place to call home.

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Muss South – Be'er Sheva

A Metropolis of Innovation

Muss South, opened the summer of 2023, is AMHSI’s brand-new, state-of-the-art campus located in beautiful Be’er Sheva. The campus is the first step towards opening the World Zionist Village, Jewish National Fund-USA's incredible vision to transform Israel’s south into a newfound hub of innovation and industry and begin a new conversation on unity, destiny and the future of the Jewish People.

Only 15 minutes away from Be’er Sheva’s River Park, students can enjoy the tranquil calm of Israel’s fastest-growing community in the South, while immersing themselves amongst its diverse population. Within walking distance from local shopping centers and a stone’s throw from Ben-Gurion University, students can take advantage of their evenings exploring all that the city has to offer.

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Campus Features

In addition to state-of-the art learning and dorm facilities, each campus houses a music room, athletic facilities, a spacious library, kosher dining rooms, health facilities, basketball courts, gyms, running tracks, access to community swimming pools, and more!

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Dorm Rooms

Each campus is home to multiple dormitories, with each housing up to 290 students at a time. Dorm rooms typically will have between three to eight students assigned to a room, with communal bathrooms and showers available on each floor.


Hadar Ochel (Dining Hall)

Our campuses have kosher dining rooms and independent snack facilities with non-kosher food available for purchase. Students are also welcome to visit the local shopping areas and town centers of Hod HaSharon and Be'er Sheva to buy dinner in the evenings.

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Moadon (Common Room)

The dorms on each campus all have a moadon (common room) for hanging out, with available kitchenette facilities, including a microwave and refrigerator.


Music Room

Our music room facilities offer students the opportunity to play musical instruments and relax after classes. The facilities are sound-proofed, allowing for non-disruptive jam sessions, where our musically inclined students can play instruments provided, including the drums, guitar, piano, trombone and more.



Each campus is equipped with a gym, track and basketball courts available to students during open evenings. Pick-up basketball games are especially common. We also have access to neighboring pool facilities available for student use. Contact your local Director of Admissions for more details.


Recording Studio

Our state-of-the art recording studio facilities allow a variety of recording opportunities to interested students. Students also have the opportunity to record their own songs in the recording studio.

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