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Reuven Arye Weisberg

Israel Studies Educator

Israel Studies Teachers

Reuven in Pardes Chana with his wife, Shoshana and their 3 children. He grew up on the East Coast of the USA and made Aliya to Israel when he was a young man. Before joining the AMHSI staff Reuven experienced and explored the land of Israel as a yeshiva student, musician, counselor and mentor for young men, a husband and father, combat medic in the Israeli 101st Airborne, a sourdough bread baker and baking teacher, a goatherd in the Judean hill country, fieldworker in the organic farms and vineyards of the coastal plain, and a student in the Land of Israel Studies Dept. at Haifa University. He worked as a licensed tour guide for a number of years. As a guide and teacher he strives to integrate his skills and experiences such as musical performance, drama, storytelling, textual study, meditation and more. His goal is to educate and to facilitate personal connection. “I can’t know what detail or experience will be the one that touches the heart or expands the mind of a student, but my hope and prayer is that within the kaleidoscope of studies and experiences during one’s time in the Land of Israel there will be those brilliant moments of understanding, connection, and identity building.” Reuven is continuously challenged and uplifted by life in Israel and welcomes everyone to “walk this land” in order to make it a part of them.

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