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Gavriel Porten

Israel Studies Educator

Israel Studies Teachers

Gavriel Porten was born in California and made Aliyah with his parents as an infant. He grew up in Jerusalem, spending summers at Camp Ramah, Wisconsin. After high school, he attended the Har-Etzion Hesder yeshiva, combining Jewish learning with Army duty. He earned a BA in psychology and Jewish history at Hebrew University, a law degree from Bar-Ilan University and is a licensed tour guide.  Currently, he is studying for a Master’s degree in Israel Studies at Bar-Ilan University. For over 20 years, he has been working as a Jewish educator and tour guide with groups from abroad of all ages. He also taught history at the Himmelfarb High School and Judaic studies at the Drisha Institute in NYC. Since 2013, Gavriel has been teaching at AMHSI, enjoying every moment…

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