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Brigitte Levy

French Teacher

General Studies Teachers

Brigitte was born & raised in France.  She made Alyah in 2014 and is teaching French at AMHSI since 2020. She studied for her BS in Business Administration at the San Jose campus of the University of Phoenix, received her Paralegal Certificate from the University of California, her accounting diploma from France and a Teaching Certificate from Helene Doron Israel. She has taught languages, music & guitar for non-profit organizations and private schools in France, USA & Israel for 15 years. She founded and led the Coaching 4 Excellence at Schrakim Elementary School in Oranit. Brigitte held managerial positions in Silicon Valley start-ups and in Minneapolis, MN for two decades.  She served on several boards of non-profit organizations in the States. Brigitte's children and grandchildren live in Jerusalem, New York & Sacramento.

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