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Aviad Fishkin

Reservation Center Manager

Campus Professionals

Born in Jerusalem and raised in Haifa. As a teenager, he participated in many social activities, including leading the youth organization for the liberation of IDF soldier Gilad Shalit. He served as a commander in the artillery corps, a youth instructor at Kibbutz Grofit, then started working in the world of security. He was the operations manager of 2 large travel security companies all over Israel. He later returned to the world of education and began his position as the manager of the Acre center of the Unistream association that encourages business entrepreneurship for youth in the periphery of the State of Israel, about a year later he managed all of the northern region of the association and finally was the national operations manager of the association reporting to the CEO. He currently serves as the director of the booking center of the Alexander Moss Institute and provides operational service to groups traveling in the field and on campus.

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