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Our AMHSI-JNF winter sessions (Australian summer) enables students to explore 4000 years of stimulating history while using Israel as the classroom. Students will hike Masada, float in the Dead Sea, crawl through the caves of Bar Kochba, conquer a Crusader castle, experience the sights of Tel Aviv, pray at the Kotel, taste Israeli food, marvel at modern Israel and so much more.
Upcoming Australian Sessions:
Carmel School, Perth 19.6.18 – 9.7.18
Masada College, Sydney 11.11.18 – 23.11.18
Emanuel School, Sydney 21.11.18 – 2.1.19
Bialik College, Melbourne 29.11.18 – 3.1.19
BJE Australia, 09.12.18 -17.1.19

AMHSI-JNF academic semester program enables students to study our signature Israel Studies curriculum – a chronological review of Israel and 4,000+ years of Jewish history using Israel as the classroom - while keeping up with their high school studies in intimate classes coordinated with their home school.

The semester option also includes a week in Poland to study about the Holocaust, continuing with the AMHSI educational methodology of learning on-site where history took place.
Click Here to register for our 2018-2019 Academic Semester Sessions 
        18-Week Semester Session Dates & Fees 
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**Updated rates indicated below, effective as of August 14th, 2018**
Session  Depart DateReturn DateTuitionEarly Bird A: Deadline(Save $1,000)Early Bird B: Deadline(Save $750) Second Semester 2018Aug. 26, 2018Dec. 25, 2018$15,740Aug. 25, 2017Feb. 25, 2018First Semester 2019Jan. 27, 2019May. 30, 2019$16,740Jan. 27, 2018Jul. 27, 2018Second Semester 2019Aug. 25, 2019Dec. 24, 2019$15,740Aug. 25, 2018Feb. 25, 2019 
Prices are in USD
***Tuition does NOT include roundtrip airfare between Australia and Israel.
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