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Over the past forty three years, Alexander Muss High School in Israel has been the leading high school academic abroad program in Israel. Over 24,000 alumni have passed through our doors, the vast majority of whom consider our program the most transformative educational experience of their lifetime.

AMHSI Alumni & Friends is a group of our wonderful alumni, parents and families of alumni, friends and supporters of AMHSI. With an ever-growing community of AMHSI Alumni & Friends, it’s more and more important to make sure your contact information is up to date so you can receive all the latest news and exciting events from AMHSI and keep in touch with your fellow alumni and friends.

Join our ever-expanding network today and start finding your friends and fellow alumni! It’s easy. The best way is to “like” our Facebook page.

We have been gradually uploading old group photos to our album of “AMHSI Old Group Photos” here. Our mission is to eventually upload ALL group photos, however 43 years and 24,000 alumni means we have a lot of scanning and uploading to get through so this will take some time! Find your group’s photo, get in touch with your fellow AMHSI alumni and past teachers, join the conversation reminiscing about your AMHSI experiences, start tagging and share it around with your friends today!

Linkedin is also a great tool for networking with your fellow alumni and friends. Join our Linkedin network today here!

We are also pleased to introduce the AMHSI JNF Visa Prepaid Card, which can also be used by AMHSI alumni. It is a safe way to pay while traveling. It can also be used to withdraw cash from ATMs.  For more details, please click here.

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Get back to Israel

Since our merger with JNF-USA nearly two years ago, our alumni can easily get involved in one of JNF’s college programs:

JNF’s Alternative Winter Break to Israel is a FREE seven-day community service trip for Jewish young adults (ages 18-30). Students travel to Israel during winter break to connect to the land and people of Israel in a meaningful way. Register at

Explore Israel on a JNF Israel Adventure. Jewish students age 18-26, who have never been on an organized peer program to Israel, can begin the journey of a lifetime. Sign up today at

JNF’s Plant Your Way to IsraelTM program allows students up to the age of 30 to raise money toward a trip to Israel. Half of the donation goes to JNF forestry projects in Israel, and the other half is placed in a special account on the student’s behalf to be redeemed for any travel to Israel. Learn more at

Take action to show the world how Israel makes the world a better place. Help get the word out, get your communities involved, and get our message heard across the country and around the world.
Visit today.

Thirty college student leaders of all faiths who have not visited Israel will be selected for this FREE 10-day educational experience including touring, meeting political, cultural and community leaders and exploring Israel’s diverse democracy. Visit to apply.

Jewish National Fund, Media Watch International and the Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs offers full time academics a fully-paid intensive program in Israel. The program links scholars from diverse disciplines with their Israeli counterparts for the purpose of initiating exchanges, collaborations, and joint research. Visit for more information.

Join 250 college students as well as hundreds of committed Jewish leaders from across the country to learn about the key issues of the day that affect us in the U.S. and in Israel as well as JNF’s ongoing vital work for the land and people of Israel. Special rate for college students will cover registration, housing, and food. Transportation subsidies are available as well. Register now at

JNF Campus Fellows are campus leaders across the United States who represent JNF and Israel to their campus communities. Campus Fellows are selected based on a competitive application and review process.
Learn more at

To learn more, visit

To stay connected while at your college or university, check out a list of JNF Campus Fellows.

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Take action

As an alum, you can get involved in the following ways:

1. Help us spread the word! Our alumni stated that our program has been one of the most influential experiences in their lives. Help someone else you know experience the transformation. Send them a link to today.

2. Donate. We are so grateful to our alumni for their gifts, which enable us to renovate, set up scholarship funds and enable more students to attend AMHSI.

3. Stay passionate about Israel. Explore ways to get back and get in touch with JNF campus fellows to stay connected while in college.

4. Post photos on social media (Facebook and Instagram) hashtagging #amhsi. Post your old photos! Tweet us @amhsi.

5. Feel free to reach out! Email [email protected] to tell your story or to speak to someone who may have taught you or helped you settle or lead you through Israel.

6. Come back to visit! We are happy to see you any time you come!

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Notable alumni

40 by 40Alexander Muss High School in Israel is proud of all of our amazing alumni. On our 40th anniversary and to mark the occasion we released our [email protected] notable alumni brochure. Click the brochure to see if you recognize someone you know!

In addition to the above, here is a list of AMHSI alumni you may have heard about:

  • Robert Deiner, the co-founder of and Deiner serves on many boards, including AIPAC, Hasbara Fellowships, the National Board of Directors of Israeli Bonds, and Aish HaTorah International.
  • Another alumnus that we greatly admire is Wayne Firestone, who is the head of the Genesis Fund, as well as the former President and CEO of Hillel.
  • In the entertainment industry, Matthew (Matisyahu) Miller reached Top 40 and Billboard charts, and is an award-winning singer and songwriter. Matisyahu often sings about Judaism and Israel, yet has found a way to touch the lives of millions with his music. Matisyahu actually participated in a music course while he was at AMHSI during the fall of 1995!
  • More famous alumni include Lauren Weisberger, the award-winning novelist most known for The Devil Wears Prada
  • Debra Zane, the award-winning casting director of The Hunger Games, The Twilight Saga, Ocean’s Eleven, and Dreamgirls.
  • One particularly notable alumna is Sheryl Sandberg, who was ranked by Forbes and Time Magazine to be one of the top 100 most influential people of 2012. She is the COO of Facebook, the former VP of Global Online Sales and Operations at Google, as well as the founder of, Google’s philanthropic arm.


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Transcript services

For transcript services, please see the General Studies page.

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AMHSI at a Glance

  • Main campus in Hod HaSharon, not far from Tel Aviv
  • 8-week and 18-week academic year and 6-week summer programs (plus Poland trips!)
  • Experiential learning: encounter history where it actually happened
  • Balance of academic and fun, cultural and bonding activities

Why Choose Us

  • Most loved and recommended Israel-based study abroad program
  • International students coming from the US, Canada, Australia, Panama, Austria, Turkey and more!
  • A variety of programs to choose from ranging in duration, dates and other options
  • Ability to earn college credit from the University of Miami
  • College-style campus as a base for learning and travel across Israel