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Grilling on Campus- Daniel Mezistrano

The food in Israel is delicious, from schnitzel to shawarma to falafel, everything is tasty. We have our cafeteria here on campus, but we often get to walk into town to buy our own meals, and can even order food to campus on Wolt. But other than cafeteria food, it is often difficult to find cheaper substitutes for meals. So all the boys on campus decided to pool together and buy grills.

We went to the counselors, and they liked our idea, so all we had to do was find a store that would sell them. We found a camping store in Hod Hasharon, so we went to check it out. Five of us walked over there during our sign-out time and looked into how expensive it would be. Laid out on a little turf patch in front of the store were the bigger charcoal grills. These were a little out of our preferred price range as well as we were looking to buy gas heated over charcoal as it is cheaper. So we went inside, and right on the counter were little camping grills on sale for just 130 shekels apiece. This was perfect for what we were looking for, it would come down to every guy paying 10 dollars each for two grills. While we were at the camping store, we also bought some cleaning equipment, a spatula, and any other tools we would need in order to best use the grills.

We brought them back to campus, and everyone decided they wanted to do a steak night. We looked into butcheries near campus and found three different options. We split up and picked the cheapest one. It ended up being fairly cheap to all cook our own, much less expensive than going to a restaurant. The next step was seasonings; you can't cook a good steak without at least some salt and pepper. So we went to the big grocery store and picked up all the spices and even some seasoning salt. Besides having to buy fresh meat from the butcher, we had everything we would need to grill for the rest of the semester. We have grilled steaks, chicken skewers, peppers, broccoli and even use them to make omelets and stir fry. This was by far our best purchase of the trip. 

December 12, 2021

Daniel Mezistrano