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Impact Fellowship Blog

Tunnels and Tiyulim!- Sara Ellis

I have now been in Israel for a month, and I have already done so much!

We have been on many tiyulim, but my favorite so far was when we went to the City of David. During this tiyul we visited lookout points of Jerusalem, walked through water tunnels, and spent time at the Kotel. The best part of the tiyulim is that we get to use Israel as our classroom! We learn about the history of Israel while physically being at the site we’re learning about during a specific time period.

The first thing we did on this tiyul was we had an engaging class near a lookout of Jerusalem. We got to see things relating to what we were learning about. Then, we made our way towards the water tunnels. Before we went in, we watched a short 15 minute film explaining the meaning and creation of the tunnel. Going inside the tunnel was my favorite part of the day. Although it was narrow and dark, my classmates and I held onto each other's backpacks while we navigated our way through the tunnel. We talked, laughed, and sang songs to pass the time. At one point, we all turned off our flashlights so it was completely dark. Surprisingly I really enjoyed this, even though I had no clue where I was going. We had to rely on the person in front of us, telling us whether to duck down or to turn right or left so we could avoid running into the sides of the wall. I enjoyed the opportunity to bond with my peers during this portion of the tiyul. After we made it to the other side of the tunnel, we walked to the Kotel.

I had a very meaningful experience at the Kotel. This was my second time going, and I went in with a different mindset than I did a few years ago. I felt more connected and calmed because my knowledge on the land of Israel has grown tremendously over this trip. I’m very grateful I could experience this fun-filled unforgettable day! I’m looking forward to every tiyul and new opportunity I will take on during these next 3 months at AMHSI.

Sara Ellis