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Impact Fellowship Blog

Muss Memories- Noah Yecutieli

Throughout my Muss semester thus far, I am proud to say I lived through countless stories that I will remember forever. However, there is one story that tops the cake, as my most memorable Muss experience.

It was the last night of Yam Le Yam, and everyone was exhausted. We had just gotten back from a long day of mountain travel and river swimming, and to say the least, we were not too upset that our journey was ending the next day. After we had enjoyed our delicious forest dinner of onion soup and grilled chicken breast, a few of us decided it was time to make the night a little more interesting. Beside our final campsite was a small mountain no more than 100 feet above the base which captured my attention; I had to climb it.

The sun was setting, so I had to work quickly. I surveyed my peers and swiftly gathered up a group of friends, as well as one of our madrichim, to set out for the voyage. It wasn’t a long path before we got to the foot of the intimidating hill. What from a distance looked like a feasible ascent, now seemed a more than challenging task; yet, we continued on. Even with a carved path, the mountain was rich in dead weeds and spiky cacti that scratched the legs of any adventurer that wished to traverse the land. It was steep and slippery, which created a sense of danger within us, and with it the adrenaline necessary to reach the peak.

After a short fifteen minute hike we met the summit, and WOW was it worth it. The view of the setting sun from such an altitude was breathtaking, and the mythical panorama of stars that followed shortly thereafter was even more so. It was a sight like no other at a time like no other because I was with friends like no other. This hike up the mountain that we would later come to know as Mount Zimzamboo, named by us of course, was a trip that will forever live on in my mind and in my heart.

Noah Yecutieli