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Impact Fellowship Blog

Incredible Accomplishments and Indescribable Experiences- Jillian Sigel

When we first arrived on campus we went right into the quarantine. I was alone in my room until I met my other roommates when they came to campus after their flight. The first night we all instantly bonded and I knew right then I made the best decision to come on this trip. Being with these 5 other girls in a room for 7 days straight was an experience I will never forget. After we all tested negative we were told we were going on our first tiyul to Tel Gezer and to the beach. We finally got to meet our Israeli studies class and start our journey of traveling the country. 

Since then we gone on many amazing trips. We hiked Masada at 4 am, spent a Shabbat in Zfat and my personal favorite was Yam l’yam. When we were told that we would be going on a 4-day hike I was beyond terrified. I have to admit that the idea of a 4-day hike left me dreading the whole thing.  However, that day finally arrived, the start of Yam l’yam trip. We woke up very early in the morning and started our adventure at the Mediterranean Sea. We had a small ceremony when we arrived and then filled up a small bottle from the sea to bring across with us. As we started our first day I was having so much fun I was talking to new people and laughing so hard that all my fears quickly disappeared. Even though the days felt like they were never going to end as we hiked, the connections with my classmates and stories from that trip will remain with me forever. 

After hiking for three days we arrived at the Kinneret on the last day. While I have participated in long canoe trips before, I had a very new sense of accomplishment. It was such a great feeling. After dropping our bags at the beach, we all met back at the spot where we filled the water bottle from the Mediterranean Sea and dumped it in to the Kinneret. We then all ran into the water and it was one of the most incredible feelings.

I’ve learned that while it’s okay to have reservations and fears about difficult things ahead, many times those thoughts weren’t really necessary as the experience itself was amazing this is what Muss has taught me from my first 2 months here. I’m excited to experience and continue to grow more in the second half of my trip. 

Jillian Sigel