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What Does Impact Mean to Me? Ariela Cohen

To me, Impact means inspiring people while changing their perspectives in a positive or negative way. You can choose to have an impact on people through your actions or words. Impact happens when a significant event/person comes into your life and can leave an impression on you. This could be anything from a movie to parent.

My mom has impacted me the most In my life. I look up to her as my role model because I love the way she cares for everyone in her life and works harder than anyone I know. The reason she has impacted me so much is because she always knows what to say and how to make everyone around her feel welcomed and listened to.

This is something that I think about a lot and I think of how I specifically can impact people around me. I’m not exactly sure if she knows how much of an impact she has had on me but I know she knows how much I look up to her.

At my summer camp, there were two girl bunks for my age group. The two bunks did not get along very well, and were very split. One year, the camp decided to mix both bunks to make one large one and all of the girls were not happy about it. We had one counselor, Sydney, who changed everyones mindsets. All of the girls were able to mature and form friendships with eachother, which they never thought they could. Sydney taught us the importance of kindness and open mindedness. We all thanked Sydney for helping us become closer as a bunk, but I’m not sure she know exactly the impact she has had.