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Impact Fellowship Blog

What Does Impact Mean to Me? Lacey Kurtz

Impact can mean a lot of things to a lot of different people. But to me it means leaving an impression on somebody, whether they realize it or not. The term impact generally has a positive connotation in that the impact you leave on somebody is generally positive or a good thing. Impact can happen in a multitude of ways. someone can leave a big impact on someone or small impact, either way it leaves an impression on that person. It can be as small as complementing somebody when they were having a bad day, and that could change their whole perspective on that day because you gave them a complement.

Someone who has left a large impact on me is my cousin Jenny. I look up to her a lot more then I think she knows. I aspire to be more like her because she is selfless and confident and very outgoing. Every time we hang out with each other I feel so much better about myself and I learned how to better myself as well. Someone who has greatly impacted my family is my grandfather. He was basically a founder of my mother’s side of the family that are alive right now. We are such a close-knit group of people and everyone’s sort of looks up to my grandfather and learns many lessons that we use all the time.