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Impact Fellowship Blog
Washington State

At the end of the three-week lockdown, we went on an awesome tiyul.

At the end of the three-week lockdown, we went on an awesome tiyul. We went camping in the Golan Heights at night and doing volunteer work with farmers during the day. Being out in nature camping felt so incredible, especially since we haven’t been able to leave campus for the past three weeks. I am really glad that we were able to help farmers struggling in these tough times. Working for hours out in the sun gave me a greater sense of understanding and appreciation for agricultural workers and their important job, especially ones working with difficult land like Israel.

Even though I didn't like being stuck on campus, when thinking back on this trip I realized it had given me a different perspective. Because I had to wait so long in anticipation of these amazing trips, when we finally were able to get out, I didn’t want to let any moment go to waste. This let me appreciate everything so much more than I normally would have and made my trip even more memorable. I have always tried to appreciate my experiences as much as I can, but this trip has been a great reminder for me of the value of patience and how true appreciation can make an experience so much more valuable. I hope when I look back on these pictures, they will remind me of my amazing trip and to appreciate every moment on my next adventures.