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Impact Fellowship Blog
Stephen Muss (Miami)

There I was, standing on what felt like the top of the world

There I was, standing on what felt like the top of the world

My body felt empty of negativity ,and my mind began to swirl

A swift breeze entered my hair, My face felt free and light

Gazing over the Golan terrain, I have never seen quite this sight


My heart was brimming, and my mind felt at peace

Across the hill and horizon, there lay cattle and trees

I was in the presence of 2 others who have now become important to me

Though the air was filled with silence, everything about these moments were absolutely complete.


I stared into sky, blue and blue for miles on end

This experience allowed me to be okay with being my own friend

I've never felt so connected to anything like this ever before

I knew at this moment I'd be okay, because I felt this moment in my core.


Feet on the holy ground, I was exactly where I belonged 

Cities sat ahead and I know there is so much to see here and beyond.

I’ve heard about life changing moments and now I’ve had one with Israel 

My time up on that hill stills feels so so surreal


After time was up I went back to camp grounds feeling content

I don't think I’ve ever been somewhere and felt so present

My smile stayed on my face the rest of the day

Nothing could bring me down, not a word someone might say


Then the rest of the trip just flowed perfectly

I felt alive, free, and every second I was occupied was well spent

Coming back was hard, since we would we be mostly stuck here

But it doesn't matter, because I can't wait to endure other beautiful moments like that one throughout this year