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Washington State

This past week we went to the Golan Heights for a volunteer tiyul.

This past week we went to the Golan Heights for a volunteer tiyul. We worked on farms and we got to see the beautiful views from the top of the Golan.

On the day we arrived at our campground my two friends and I wanted to explore where we were staying. We went on a little walk from our campground and found ourselves at this amazing lookout spot dedicated to soldiers who died during the 6 day war. We were able to sit at the edge of the cliff looking over an amazing terrain of trees and bushes. At one point we were able to see wild boars in the valley below us. It felt so unreal like a scene right out of the lion king. 

As we were sitting there we were just watching the world go by. It felt as if I was the main character in the movie and I was able to live for myself. We sat there in silence for around 30 minutes and during that time I felt the most at peace I had ever felt before. I also felt a deep connection to the land and to Israel that I never had felt before. It felt as if I was breathing in the air of Israel, the breath of G-d. 

After this experience I couldn't stop smiling and I felt so at peace with myself. This made me more comfortable with myself and also made me realize that I should not care what other people think, instead I should do what I think is right. I think this experience will leave a mark on me for the rest of my life as it made me more connected to myself.