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Impact Fellowship Blog

Nothing beats the feeling of reaching a goal you’ve set for yourself.

Nothing beats the feeling of reaching a goal you’ve set for yourself. That why while at AMHSI I plan to set and hopefully reach a couple goals of my own. I think that setting goals for yourself is super important because then you have something to work towards each day.

One of my goals while here at Muss is to keep a detailed journal. I want to write in it at least once every other day. While back at home I tried journaling a year or so ago, sadly, it didn’t quite stick. So far the journaling has stuck and I’ve been enjoying it a lot more than I used to. 

My second goal is to figure out a good organization method that works well for me. Over the past couple of years, I’ve mainly used my school’s website as well as my school provided planner. I’m using AMHSI as a fresh start to find what methods suit me best. So far I’ve found the sticky notes app on my computer to work the best. I chose to color-code them make it more satisfying/fun for me. 

I’m not particularly excited about hikes of any kind, but I’m gonna make it my next goal to learn to love hiking. My family likes to go hiking every now and then, and it would be great to enjoy them as much as they do. I can see why people like them, they were just never really my thing. The first hike we go on is coming up, and I’m surprisingly excited to do it with my friends here at AMHSI. 

I think that my goals are quite achievable and I’m super excited to see how everything turns out in the end.