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Impact Fellowship Blog
Stephen Muss (Miami)

What I’m feeling is more of a mix of excitement, nervousness, eagerness, and a slight fear.

Hi, I’m Sammy Courtney, I’m 16, I live in Miami Beach, and I’m an Impact Fellow for the AMHSI Fall Semester 2020. My flight is this coming Saturday, and I would say I’m nervous, as I’m going to be away from home for 4 months with 50 other students who I have yet to formally meet, but I’m not. I mean I am, but not that much. What I’m feeling is more of a mix of excitement, nervousness, eagerness, and a slight fear.

I feel excited and eager because I love Israel; I’ve gone every summer for the past 10 years (except this summer because you know, corona), and it’s probably my favorite place in the world besides Miami. The culture, the cities, the views, the museums, the shuk’s, it’s all great. Everyone I have told “yeah I’m going to school in Israel for the first semester of this coming school year,” to have all said a variety of basically saying “you’re going to have a great time.” Also, I know a decent amount of people who have done HSI in the past, and every one of them said they really enjoyed it. So yeah, I’m pretty excited.

Especially though, as an Impact Fellow, I look forward to being a leader amongst my peers. I’m more looking forward to this because I know how to have a fun time and still learn and absorb important things. I know that as a leader, I will have a great time on this program, and I hope to do the same for my fellow classmates. On the contrary, I’m a bit nervous. Don’t get me wrong, the excitement outweighs the nervousness significantly, but I do have some concerns. I mean, like I said before, I don’t really know anyone; and meeting new people is always stressful.

Also, as you know, I’m an impact fellow, so I have high expectations from the administration: I need to achieve good grades, be an astute role model, and be a leader. I’m not stressed about reaching those expectations because I know I will surpass them, but I want to demonstrate to the administration that I am capable and worthy of this tremendous honor. Overall, I’m very excited, a bit nervous, and more than ready to be in Israel, quarantining in the AMHSI campus.

Additionally, I made some goals that I want to complete before the conclusion of the semester: 1. Make friends, but like real friends that I will still be friends with outside of the program. 2. Have an amazing time (this is a must). 3. Use this opportunity to become closer spiritually with Israel. 4. Take the skills I learn on this program with me back home, and mature as a person. 5. Work really hard academically and play as much basketball as I can! Thank you all for reading, cheers.