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Impact Fellowship Blog
Washington State

I know this experience is going to be magical...

As I'm writing this it is currently 8 days until I leave my friends and family for 4 months to join Alexander Muss high school in Israel and I'm bubbling with emotions. These next few months will test me in ways a kid my age could only dream of. It is such a privilege that I have been selected as an Impact Fellow and have the chance to experience living across the world in a college like campus at only 15. As you probably know the world is kinda crazy right now, so leaving my family and studying abroad is a big risk. That said, I know Israel and Muss are working together to make this experience safe while at the same time preserving the traditions and the travel aspects of the program. 

I always kinda knew I was going to go on Alexander Muss considering many of my older peers went on it and it was well known and popular in my Jewish community. Another reason that compelled me further was my dad. When my dad was in his junior year of high school he attended for a quarter and it made an everlasting impact on him to this day, I couldn't just pass that up. I applied for the Washington impact fellowship not only because it offered an amazing scholarship but it gives me the opportunity to blog and share my experiences with my many Jewish communities and interested people. It also allows me to become part of something so much bigger than the program itself. 

I know this experience is going to be magical and I hope to make long lasting friendships and memories that will stay with me forever. My biggest goal for this program is to become friends with everyone and try something new every day. I'm nervous for some of the hikes and how we will do during this pandemic, but I know the positive experience will out way the nerves.